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05 May 2010 @ 11:13 pm
Hi guys! I hope this post is allowed.
I'm an incoming student at UPB, and I'm so happy I got admitted to UPB (I guess the other freshmen share the same sentiment/feelings with me ^^). I can't wait for the classes to start in June. I'd love to be friends with my co-freshmen and upperclassmen. See you there! Proud to be in UPB :")
btw, when does the "freshie night" happen? ^^ Thanks!
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14 June 2009 @ 11:04 am
..mag lakad sa session road habang umuulan
..tumambay kay manang mane
..mag habulan kay oble with speech comm pipz
..mag war games kasama si mam faye sa grounds ng UP
..mag-igib ng tubig sa fr 1st fl papuntang 3rd floor ng BREHA
..kumain ng cheese sticks sa Ayuyang with te malu
..last full show sa SM Baguio
..dance to the max sa Alberto's
..makipagsiksikan sa 2O's
..art appreciation sa VOCAS
..mag kunyaring vegetarian sa Oh My Gulay
..mag ghost sighting sa dorm
..maki -iyak kay audrey therese sa fire exit
..makipag debate kay angel weena santos habang natutulog
..mag bucket meal sa kfc w/ kath,lea,jane,zea
..ukay-ukay with izang
..mag piknik sa tabog w/ papa,ice,cha,nono and jr
..praktis ng volleyball kahit super lamig sa court b
..gumala sa Tabuk Kalinga w/ ardee,ric and rica
..tumawid sa mahabang hanging bridge sa may Chico river
..kumain ng bulalo w/ abs-cbn baguio's reporters
..blueberry cheesecake with carole jean
..mamakyaw ng inihaw na tilapia at bangus sa talipapa w/ ely and elena
..matulog katabi ang ampon ko na si cyndi
..umuwi sa bahay nila momi ai sa la union
..mag swimming sa sn. fabian
..mamitas ng strawberry sa la trinidad
..makipag inuman ng cosac vodka at red wine kay rd,kuya dondon,titing,rich at te malu
..late permits
..kumain ng binatog, sweet corn on stick at one day old sa burnham park
..manood ng sine w/ "kid"
..mga aktibistang libro ni km
..rally sa session road
..mag kape kasama si mary thrasher jose
..massage with my birthday mate bendom aka chikie
..mag jogging sa Loakan Airport
..mag organize ng event w/ rome,cris,red and chet
..mag perform kasama si caloy miclat
..mag cheer sa sportsfest,beal at pasik
..magpahiram ng notes at readings
..kumanta ng UP Nating Mahal
..Recognition day tuwing Feb
..makipag argumento kay Bishop
..tumunganga kay DJ Sean habang On Air
..mag camping sa apartment ni Te malu at maglaro ng SIMS
..gumawa ng papers kay mam grace subido at mae barros
..mamulutan habang si lea nag lalasing
..na miss kong tawaging "weewee" ni charissa
..miss ni koink ang mga paglalakbay kasama ang mga palaka(kokak,krungkrung at kulasa)
..makipag jamming kay gha
..magsulat ng student ID sa bluebook
at madami pang iba
I probably am one of the few people who passed the UPCAT never got the typical “congratulations” acceptance letter. Instead, mine read “Due to the planned expansion of UP College Baguio…” and was told I can enroll in any course, except Com Sci.

I’ve yet to meet anyone who has the same type of letter that I did.

I went back to UP Baguio a few weeks ago, to get a copies of my diploma and transcript authenticated. I had seen some familiar people, met with a few of my former mentors and gone around the campus just to see how things have changed.

As interesting an experience that was, it was far more exhilarating to actually be in UP Baguio with your friends and classmates and be surrounded by familiar people, bringing in memories of the great times you had when you were still in school. In that weekend, I was called ading by many of the admin and staff, and I felt like a freshman once again, mostly due to the fact the buildings were all so new… and the fact that I saw a lot of my upperclassmen (the seniors and up when I was a freshman).

In the words of Ma’am Macansantos when she gave her speech during the lunch program, “Welcome home.”

Welcome home indeed.

Day 1: Friday
I arrived around 7 AM in Baguio of December 5. I took a day’s leave from work and got the 1 AM trip from Manila. Initially, I didn’t want to go because I felt that I was the only one who will be there. Somehow, at the last minute, I changed my mind and decided to go, even if my batch’s attendance would be small.

I dropped my things off at my sister’s dorm (who was also studying in Baguio) and slept for approximately an hour. I met her later for breakfast (almost getting lost because I didn’t know there was a Jollibee in Assumption Road) then headed to UP. Baguio has changed a lot, but in some way, it hasn’t changed at all.

The atmosphere was festive. Students were milling about the campus, probably preparing for the activities later in the afternoon, or perhaps doing their projects and other requirements before Christmas vacation rolls in.

I headed towards the lobby, hoping to spot anyone that I know. I was about an hour early in meeting my friends, and I wasn’t fond of the idea of going around on my own.

I saw Ma’am Vicky Costina talking with a few of the staff about the registration tables. I saw several people in similar shirts, taking pictures, and talking. I figured they were alumni from years before I went to UP. Then, I heard a loud voice talking and when I turned to look, I saw Ma’am Claur. I couldn’t help but smile at her, remembering how intimidated I was during PE 1 (which we call fondly called Bio 1). She was talking to another alumnus, and rude as it may seem, I just stood there watching them. In my mind’s eye, she looked thinner than she did before, but on the whole, she looked the same.

Finally, my friends arrived. I think it was ok to greet them with shrieks and hugs, after all, it had been years since we last saw each other… well, years for my blockmate Thet and myself, though I saw Kat, Jang and Tiki sometime before.

We were among the first to register for the homecoming (I was #13 haha), so we were still able to choose our shirt sizes. We milled around the lobby for a bit, and saw the arrival of more familiar faces: Ma’am Helen from the clinic (retired now, and with whom I chatted with briefly about the many changes around the campus), Ma’am Brawner (my archery mentor and the team’s kakulitan during practice), and a few upperclassmen.

Afterwards we helped Tiki set-up a table for the memorabilia he was selling. We got a table from Ma’am Costina at the OPA office and found a good spot in front of the audi. There were a lot of people milling around waiting for the opening of the “Pagpupugay kay Sir Darnay” art exhibit.

My friends and I took that time to take pictures. I was sad that there were only four of us from our batch’s division (uy, college na siya ngayon!), but decided to make the most of it. Later, we found a few more batchmates from the Social Scienes and Nat Sci division, er, colleges.

We really didn’t do anything much except hang around, do some catching up and take pictures. Manang Mane came by and we just had to pose with her. Then I heard someone say “Sir Rolly” and saw him coming from the lobby. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it. I literally jumped out of my chair, raised my arms and screeched “Sir Rolly!” I immediately corralled him for a picture with Thet, Kat and myself. I think I was hyperventilating. Oh well, that was heaps better than the last time I saw him, where I was so tongue-tied I could only grin at him idiotically.

Of course, we also tried to sell the memorabilia and chatted with a few of the alumni. It was cool to see the turnout from the earlier batches, and I was even more amazed when I spied a man who came from Class 1967! He was by his lonesome, which I thought was sad, but later on, he was with a few other people who were his friends back then. Cool.

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25 September 2008 @ 01:32 pm
There will be times in your life when you will realize that some of your  worries and problems are just nothing compared to a heartbreaking story such as what I'm about to share to you...

~ * ~

Here's a blog entry that is written by Ate Paola Espiritu, a former classmate at Lorma Colleges.  I've read it last September 19, 2008.  I won't use "lj-cut" for this because I want you to read this so please if you're not that busy, Please READ.

Reel Drama and Beyond
by Paola Espiritu

*this photo was taken in 2006

Sir Mariano “Ric” Gonzalo.

I met him in 2005 when we attended the Cordillera Day in Kalinga, Apayao. Since Cordi Day is the celebration of he the rich culture of different indigenous people in the country, every province, region or tribe is required to showcase its own culture; all the delegates from our region were brainstorming for a unique presentation. Someone came up with a bright idea of composing a poem; then recite it while the rest of us will do interpretative movements. The poem was done in an hour and the movers kept pace. Another group came up with a short poem on fisher folks and gladly Danny Fabella, renowned composer, laid on a melody to it.

While everyone was busy, an elder recommended Sir Ric to choreograph our movements since he was known to be a cultural artist and is a member of the Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP). And so we invited him. It was not easy to work with a professional like him. I recall that he was infuriatingly strict that we start from the top the moment one of us commit a mistake. What appends the anxiety is the time limit. We had to perfect the presentation hours before the cultural night. But after hearing tongue-lashing comments, countless 1-2-3 mantra, we finally performed the 10 minute presentation where we left the audience in full awe. (Haha! )

From then on, Sir Ric became the instantaneous speaker for our theatre arts discussion on our annual journalism training. He was not the regular speaker. He insisted on coming along with us the day before the activity and helped us revamp the uninviting stage before the actual day of the event. He choreographed our cultural presentation which took almost 2 hours to perfect and clapped his hands after our 5 minute production. He stayed from day one until the assessment period; he even came along to our swimming revelry.

Sir Ric loves to tell stories of his past. Now a 52 year old self-confessed gay who understands that he can no longer find the partner he wanted to have at this age. He is a cultural organizer, trainer and performer back in his younger years. He has a son but failed to become a father.

We haven’t talked to him thereafter. Not until some of our friends decided to visit him to check on his condition. We have received text messages that he was confined and is suffering from severe illness the past weeks. I remember that he once told us that he has some health problems including kidney troubles.

Last Wednesday, our friends, went to an old barung-barong situated at the slum area of the city where he lived alone. True enough, after 3 years, Sir Ric is now suffering from renal failure secondary to diabetes. He is also starting to lose his sight as another complication of DM. Sir Ric, like millions of people suffering from diseases, cannot afford the hospital bills. He cannot produce at least Php 15,000 per week to undergo dialysis. He complains on how hard it is to get up from bed, of his heavy breathing and stridors, of his edematous feet and bed sores. He does not have the means to buy all the required medicines for him to at least impede the developing complications. And he believes that it’ll not be long enough and soon he’ll pass away.

It’s saddening to see someone lose hope. Its tough to hear someone wait for the last days of his life and it’s tougher to give words of assurance because you, yourself is not certain if he’ll still be fine. It’s heart-breaking to know that you cannot do anything but give him hope and smile as he shares the untold stories of his past.

Now, he temporarily lives with us in our boarding house. At least there’ll be someone to look after him. There’ll be us to listen to his unfinished dreams and plans, of the struggle that he believed in, of the plays, musicals and stage he once owned.

* Please find time to know more about him. Just got to this link http://www.bulatlat.com/news/6-9/6-9-gonzalo.htm Anyone who is willing to help him out in any way, please email me. Thanks.#

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18 April 2007 @ 09:23 am
UP Baguio graduates first summa cum laude

Northern Luzon Bureau
Last updated 03:09am (Mla time) 04/18/2007

BAGUIO CITY—The long excruciating wait is over for Jahzeel Abihail Cruz.

On Friday, April 20, the 20-year-old journalism major marches at the head of Class of 2007 of the University of the Philippines Baguio, which will confer on him summa cum laude honors, the first for the 46-year-old autonomous regional university.

Only a week ago, the University Council, the academic body that approves candidates for graduation, decided not to give Cruz the highest scholastic honors despite his obtaining a weighted grade of 1.15 in all courses in the Bachelor of Arts in Communication program, because of a technicality.

Cruz had underloaded in the first semester of the school year and had re-enrolled in the thesis course, in which he earlier received an “Incomplete” grade.

The university rules disallow the graduation with honors of students who have enrolled in less than 15 units of academic courses.

But on Tuesday, the council, deliberating on the appeal of Cruz’s college, reversed itself and approved the summa cum laude honors to Cruz and the cum laude honors to five other BA Communication and BA Language and Literature students.

“I was speechless,” said Cruz, who received the news while he was taking lunch in a Tarlac mall.

On a bus to Baguio from Tarlac City, where he had participated in a debate contest as a member of the UP Baguio Debate Society, he called his mother, Nancy.

“I was shouting and shouting,” the mother, a math teacher at the Brent International School here, said when she learned about it from her son.

Mother and son had been sleepless since the rejection of Cruz’s graduation with honors last week.

During the council deliberation on Cruz’s appeal, UP Baguio Chancellor Priscilla Macansantos said she reconvened the body to “make sure the decision we made was a good one to both the faculty and the students.”

“(We want to make sure) justice is served and that we do not deny anyone what is due him/her based on a technicality alone,” she told the council composed of professors.

The five other students whose graduation with honors was also approved by the council were Jomel Anthony Gutierrez (1.71) and Shiela Mae Rabara (1.71), both in the BA Communication program; and, Jennifer Marie Tamayo (1.69), Abigail Emmanuelle Torreliza (1.69), and Janice Bagawi (1.72), all in BA Language and Literature program.

All five faced the same problem as Cruz’s: Being under loaded and having re-enrolled in the thesis course.

Source: The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Northern Luzon Bureau
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01 January 2001 @ 02:11 am
last april 12, 2007 i was in the line for that damn TCG for about 8hrs (yah you read it right 8-2;:30) then suddenly the system broke down.... whattaday!!! if things will not change after the implementation of TOFI then......
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31 March 2007 @ 06:47 pm
if you want to join our community go to this link... huwag_kulelat
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31 March 2007 @ 06:20 pm
i am encouraging everyone to join the "huwag kulelat" community... we need people who will be part of our discussions about the coming elections...and topics about the philippine society... thanks...
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21 February 2007 @ 12:00 pm
Found this through Boom Dizon over at Friendster.


Click na para makita! Salamat!
12 September 2006 @ 11:09 am
Hello. I just want to advertise this talk that we are hosting. Hopefully many of you will be interested.

Thanks for the indulgence to advertise!